The world needs innovators and problem solvers who turn challenges into greater opportunities. We have an insatiable curiosity about transformative trends challenging the status quo: Clean water, Affordable energy, Connectivity, Climate change, Environmental pollution, Economic growth.


Structural inspection; City permit report letter; Document preparation; New, rebuilt, and renovation approval; Development and building permit application; Roof structure check; Report for insurance; Load bearing wall removal; Post removal; Open concept; Structural element removal; New window opening; New basement entrance; Frame reinforcement; Basement egress window opening; Basement concrete wall crack repair; Foundation reinforcement; Deck framing and foundation; Covered deck, sunroom, sundeck; Existing deck inspection; Wood frame; Tall wall; Lateral bracing; Stair, staircase relocation; Basement retaining wall; Foundation jackup; Screw pile foundations; Mobile home foundation; Garage pad layout and foundations details; Grade beam design; Solar panel installation


Structural design for single storey or multi-storey buildings, and include manufacturing buildings, food and other processing facilities, warehouses/major sheds, commercial office buildings, shopping centres and marine structures; Residential and commercial mixed use. Retail shops structural renovation; Warehouse upgrading; Warehouse demising wall opening; Office structural design; Pallet Racking; Warehouse racking system; Racking inspection and repair; Mezzanines to expand operating space; Scaffolding; Temporary support; Exterior wall using metal studs; Piling; Screw pile design; Noise control consultation; Solar panel carport; Solar panel roof installation; Greenhouse and foundation; Pre-engineered building; Modular building system;


Communities around the world depend on food for survival. We are helping local farmers to build their asset. We are problem solvers at heart and leverage communication and collaboration to create agricultural solutions that work. From greenhouse to grain storage, from storage barn to horse arena, our business strategy revolves around the need to provide quality designs to the rural community.


For Pengrowth Energy Corporation Lindbergh SAGD Project, designed concrete block foundations for four Flaktwoods Fans. Three sets of foundations for Solar Turbines generator set with 8000kW power output. One 5 km pipeline with 6 road crosses, and 8 cross-over structures. One reciprocating compressor skid directly on piles.

For NBRI Plover Lake Thermal Recovery (SAGD) Project, designed an OTSG module building, the building connects two 25MMBTU/HR OTSG and one 50MMBTU/HR OTSG. The building is about 28m long, and 6.2m wide, with 5.8m eave height.

For Suncor Mackay River project, prepared material take-off for structural steel and piles for the Pad 750/751 in EDS phase. The scope includes a 2km long pipe rack, 1.3km long gathering pipeline, wellhead modules, and pump houses. The gathering line is in detail design. The gathering line includes anchors, guides, and road crossings. Design center piperack for Suncor Mackay River and Firebag project. The center piperack for Pad 25 consists of 18 steel modules and 3 loops. Lifting and transportation of each module is studied.

For Laricina’s Germain Commercial Demonstration Project, designed steel modules for Emulsion Cooler, glycol pump building, support for compressor skid.

For the Husky Sunrise project, designed 6 pipe racks for the SAGD well pad G. Each pipe rack has a platform on top. One of the pipe racks is 11m high with a horizontal vessel in it.

Gas Plant

For Paramount Project Musreau Gas Plant Phase 2 Expansion Project, designed foundations for 3 inlet gas compressor packages, 2 gas turbine generator packages, and 2 sales gas compressors packages.

For Spectra Energy Dawson Creek Project, Designed a compressor building with pipe rack inside. Design concrete and pile foundation for compressor building. Driven piles are used to provide vertical supports for the structures. Detail calculation was provided for the concrete pile cap. Design a concrete foundation for sales gas compressor which is a turbine driven compressor with power of 8200HP. Dynamic analysis of the foundation system was performed using Dyna5. Design foundation for an acid gas compressor which is a reciprocating compressor with power of 1200HP. The acid gas compressor is sitting on a steel skid with building envelop provided by the vendor. Pilings for the skid were analyzed.

For Spectra Energy Fort Nelson Project. Designed pile and steel for the pre-heater building. The pro-heater building is a building with two steel modules, steel skids sitting on pile foundation. The transportation mode was checked. Reviewed and checked a generator building, and a steam building. Designed the foundation and steel of the compressor building. The compressor building had a 15 ton crane supported by the building frame, and pipe racks around the building. Inside the building, there are concrete slab on grade, sumps, and processing vessel foundation. Outside the compressor building, there are some piping supports for the discharge gas cooler and its pipes. Designed and analyzed a concrete foundation with piles for a compressor with power of 7000HP. The foundation response was analyzed using Dyna5. Provided a preliminary design of the concrete foundation for a 30m high vessel in the processing area. Calculated the wind load and arranged piles. Checked the design of steel and foundation of the flare pipe rack. Designed concrete pile cap details for pipe rack include anchor bolt check, pedestal check and pile cap check.

Pipeline, Underground Pipe Sleeve, Pump House, Compressor Station

Designed four pump houses with 4000HP slurry pump inside for Suncor Foothill Ore Transportation Plant. Static and dynamic analysis was performed for the steel structures and piles using Dyna and SAP2000.
Design underground pipeline and pipe sleeve.
Design various compressor stations.

Refinery and Upgrader

For Total Athabasca Upgrader Project, Designed the fire water and raw water pump house for the utility area. The pump house was designed using reinforced concrete. Some pumps were vertical type sitting on top of the opening. Two pumps were horizontal type on 3m by 4m pedestal. Designed piperacks, and foundations in the tank farm area. Designed a vent gas recovery unit which features a three levels steel structure, horizontal vessels on top, and vent gas compressor in the bottom level. The vent gas compressor was sitting on a steel skid on piles. The unit is modularized with pre-cast concrete block for compressor foundations.

For Suncor Voyageur Upgrader Project. Designed electrical substation module skids and HVAC platform for main, diesel & gas, hydrogen, and naphtha area. Participated in EDS to sizing the primary members. Design pre-engineered building and envelope. Prepared wind load calculation as part of the job data book. Transportation mode analyzed. Closely working with electrical to design the openings for cable. The deflections of the MCC support beam were considered. Connection detail calculation. Designed steel piles with concrete pile cap. Engineering working packages were prepared for steel modules and piles.

For Sipchem Jubil Acetyl Complex Project in Saudi, provided MTO for the VAM unit. The scopes included structures and foundations for pipe racks, pumps, compressors, vertical vessels, and horizontal vessels. Designed 3 pump foundations for the utility area, each pump has power of over 3000kW. Provided foundation designs for 2 compressors.

Power Station

Design various acoustic barrier walls and air intake structures for HRSG and power plant in North America.


For Shell Albian Oil Sand projects, provided field support for Shell Albian Oilsand mining. Albian mine includes Jackpine and Mackay River mine. Provide misc. support and local reinforcements for the existing piperacks, buildings, and pipeline, so the structures could take extra loads. Adding new supports for the new machineries such as HVAC units, generators and makeup air units. Participated in Hardness reduction project, Cell2A project, Komax piperack vibration problem, 3rd PSC (primary separation cell) study for the MRM, and truck wash bay upgrade. Estimated foundation capacity for an existing 100m tall flare stack. Wind load including vortex shielding was studied. ASME STS-1 Steel Stacks was referred. Estimated the steel and concrete material for deaerator pump house, and third primary separation cell. Provide MTO for pipeline corridor in the Jackpine mine tailing area. Design buried pipe sleeves use American and Canadian codes. Familiar with shell standards and procedures.

For IOC (The Iron Ore Company of Canada) Expansion Project, designed new shuttle conveyor supports for an existing ore storage barn. The barn is about 300m long with 45m span. The ore storage barn has 3 sets of conveyors inside. The length of the main shuttle conveyor is about 220m from the head to tail. Most of the conveyor was supported by the ore storage barn.

Amusement Theme Park

Designed towers and platforms, water slide support using structural steel for amusement theme parks in US and Canada.
Detailed steel structures using XSteel (Tekla Structures) and Pro-Steel 3D. Designed piping system for the wave pools and rivers.
Specified the pump and equipment for the system. Designed amusement equipment such as water slides and play structures

Pre-Engineered Building

Design, order, check Varco Pruden pre-engineered building product.
Using VP command to input wind load, seismic load, and building requirement, and output anchor bolt layout, steel design.
Design cladding, girt, purlin, and roof using CSA S136 cold formed light gauged steel.
Check VP drawings to make sure the design meets client specification.


We have participated many shipbuilding projects:

700TEU container ships (Wenchong Shipyard, China)
836TEU container ships (Shimizu works, Shin Kurushima Dockyard, Japan)
65000DWT bulk carriers (JiangNan Heavy Industry, China)
16500 DWT heavy lifters with 500TON crane (Sakaide works, Kawasaki Heavy Industry, Japan)
27,000DWT multi-purpose ships (Wenchong Shipyard, China)

Reviewed design drawings from shipyards such as Kawasaki Heavy Industry and JiangNan Heavy Industry to make sure that the designs are comply with the owner’s specifications, maritime standards, and regulations. Verified global and local member strength following rules and codes.
Naval engineering analysis to verify ship’s static and dynamic stability.
Reviewed new vessel navigational equipment layout, general layouts for the navigation and safety equipment.
Oversaw the construction of total 16 vessels as site superintendent at shipyards in Japan and China to make sure vessel constructions, structures, machinery, and equipment meet contract specifications, government and classification society’s rules, and international maritime regulations.
Inspected ship systems such as main propulsion systems, engine and generator, ship maneuvering systems, hatch cover systems, anchoring and mooring system, cargo handling systems, crane, water ballasting systems, smoke detect and CO2 release system, navigation systems, propellers, rudders, windlass, and winches, HVAC systems, kitchen and food storage system, and fresh water supply system according to specifications.
Participated the sea trial of the vessels, evaluated the hydrodynamic performance of the vessels, and assessed local structural vibration.